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That’s how durable Surface – PCforAll is

Yesterday, Microsoft wanted to show how durable the company’s new tablet Surfac is and performed some examples to prove its claims. During the presentation, the architect behind Surface, Panos Panay, dropped the tablet several times on the floor from a height of 1.5 meters onto a full-covering floor mat without damaging it.

He also states that Microsoft has tested dropping the Surface from 72 different angles and positions to ensure that the construction can handle shocks and impacts.

To further spice up the presentation, Microsoft’s product manager for Windows, Steven Sinofsky, showed that he used the Surface as a skateboard.


According to Patrick Moorhead at the analysis company Moore Insights and Strategy, the display was a clear comparison with Apple’s iPad, which he considers to be less durable.

– Microsoft wanted to show that the Surface is more durable than the iPad and that it can be dropped on the ground without breaking, says Patrick Moorhead.

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