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Telia Sonera takes Ipredstrid to the Supreme Court

PC för Alla wrote earlier this week that the Court of Appeal forces Telia Sonera to disclose the identity of the person behind the file-sharing site Swetorrents.

Then Telia Sonera said it would look into whether there are legal obstacles to releasing the person’s information. Now the company has made up its mind – they are requesting a review in the Supreme Court.

– The rules for privacy and confidentiality have existed for a long time in the regulatory framework that governs our industry, and the IPred Act is brand new. It is important that there is a principled examination between that regulatory framework and the Antipiratbyrån’s interests, says Patrik Hiselius, lawyer at Telia Sonera, to TT.

For the time being, Telia Sonera refuses to disclose the name of the person behind the file-sharing site. telia Sonera risks a fine of SEK 750,000.

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