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Telia Sonera loses Ipredmål – PCforAlla

A judgment in the district court last year claimed that Telia Sonera must disclose the identity of a person behind the file-sharing site Swetorrents. The company appealed, but now the Svea Court of Appeal has also sided with the film companies’ demands, and decides that they have the right to obtain the identity.

– It’s honestly starting to get a bit annoying with this anti and ipred, says Patrik Hiselius at Telia Sonera to Aftonbladet.

Telia Sonera must also pay court costs of SEK 60,000 to the film companies. The company has until June 7 to decide whether or not to appeal the verdict.

– We will look at whether there are legal obstacles to releasing the person’s information, says Patrik Hiselius, responsible for public relations at Telia Sonera, to Aftonbladet.

The four film companies behind the mood are: SF (Swedish film industry), Pan vision, Filmlance international and Yellow bird.

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