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Tele2 lowers the price for roaming in the EU

Late last month, the EU announced that roaming charges between member states will be cut by up to 55 percent from July. Something that has led to mobile operators now having to offer new packages for cheaper roaming.

Tele2 today launched its new roaming package, which goes by the name Tele2 Utland Europa. The package is an additional service that offers discounted prices for telephony, SMS and data traffic.

Tele2's new roaming charges

– Our customers want to be as connected abroad as they are at home. They want to be able to use apps like Instagram and Facebook and read the latest news without worrying about running out of costs. The industry therefore needs to develop more services that combine simplicity and flexibility with cost control, says Samuel Skott, head of Tele2 Privat.

The Tele2 International Europe package valid for one month has the following prices:

Call: SEK 0.69 per minute
Entry fee: SEK 0.99 per call
receive phone calls: SEK 0
SMS: SEK 0.59 per SMS
Data: 250 megabytes included

The normal prices for Tele2’s roaming are as follows:

Call: SEK 2.13 per minute
receive phone calls: SEK 0.56 per minute
Send SMS: SEK 0.67 per minute
Data: SEK 2.24 per megabyte

If the amount of data runs out during the trip, it is possible to purchase additional data packages that are valid for one, three or seven days. Tele2 Utland Europe is available for business customers.

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