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Teenager sold his kidney for an iPad

A 17-year-old boy in China is reported to have sold one of his kidneys in order to buy an Ipad 2. In an interview with a local daily newspaper, the boy states that he found an ad from a company that offered 20,000 yuan (about SEK 18,500) for a kidney.

He accepted the offer and went to a hospital that operated on his kidney, and he got his money. However, when he came home with a new Ipad 2 and a laptop, his mother became suspicious.

After the boy admitted to his mother that he got the money after selling his kidney, she contacted the police. It turned out that the hospital that operated on the kidney did not have the equipment required for the three-hour operation.

The people involved in the affair have disappeared without a trace and the hospital claims to know nothing about the boy’s surgery.

The story has caused a major debate in China, which questions the morality of the Chinese as the country experiences a new form of capitalism, reports the British Telegraph.

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