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Study: Adobe tops hackers’ wish list

The study conducted by the security company McAfee shows that hackers are turning their interest from Microsoft to start focusing on Adobe. Several of Adobe’s programs such as Flash and Reader have been pulled with repeated security issues over the past year.

– Cybercriminals have long chosen to attack Microsoft’s products because of the company’s large user base. We predict that Adobe’s products, and above all Flash and Reader, will become hackers’ main targets in 2010, McAfee states in the study.

Adobe’s Chief Technology Officer Kevin Lynch recently admitted that the number of attacks against the company’s products has increased recently.

– We have clearly seen an increase in the number of attacks, especially against Reader and to some extent also Flash. We are working to shorten the time between security updates. Previously it took several months, now it should not take more than two weeks, says Kevin Lynch at Adobe.

Among other forecasts in McAfee’s report, the security company predicts that social networks such as Twitter and Facebook will experience more sophisticated attacks.

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