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Spyware impersonates Firefox

Security experts discovered earlier this week that a well-known spyware program called Finspy is circulating in a version that pretends to be Firefox. The security researchers working at Citizen Lab in Canada announced the discovery to Mozilla yesterday.

Finspy is part of the Finfisher spyware program that allows to take control and remotely control a user’s computer. The program is created by a subsidiary of the British Gamma Group called Gamma International.

According to Citizen Labs, Finspy is used in some countries to spy on activists and regime critics. Some security companies have classified the program as malware. Citizen Labs also discovered that the fake version of Firefox contained Mozilla’s trademark and code.

Mozilla acted quickly and yesterday sent a warning to Gamma International, urging them to stop the program in question immediately.

However, Swedish users will not be affected as the fake version of Firefox is said to be in Malaysian.

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