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Spotify opens for everyone – PCforAlla

Spotify today launched two new variants of the service, Spotify Unlimited and Spotify Open. Like the previous paid version, Spotify Unlimited offers full access to the service around the clock without being interrupted by advertising. However, Spotify Unlimited only works on a computer, so not on a mobile phone.

Spotify Open, which is the biggest news, means that no more so-called “invites” are required to use the service. With Spotify Open, anyone can sign up and use an advertising-supported version of the service. However, it is limited to 20 hours per month.

However, the previous versions, Spotify Free and Spotify Premium, will remain. As before, Spotify Free provides full access to an advertising-funded version of Spotify, but requires a so-called invite.

Spotify Premium will, as before, provide full access to the service without advertising on both a computer and a mobile phone. It also gives the user access to saved music even if there is no internet connection.

– Until today, users either had to have an invite from someone or pay for the service. Now we have options that make it possible for everyone to try the service completely free, says Spotify’s CEO, Daniel Ek.

Spotify Premium costs SEK 99 per month and Spotify Unlimited costs SEK 49 per month.

You can find more information about prices here.

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