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Sony HDR-AS100V: Top class action camera

Sony HDR-AS100V
The HDR-AS100V is stylish and slim in comparison to many competing action cameras. that makes it easy to slip into a pocket.

Although 4k resolution is hotter than the hottest in the action camera market, Sony has chosen not to let the HDR-AS100V film in ultra-high resolution. Although it is a little sad not to be able to shoot ultra-high resolution with the camera, we forgive Sony’s short-sightedness after using the AS100 for a while.


On the design front, there have been no major changes to the AS100 compared to its predecessor, the AS30. The same streamlined design that provides less drag compared to the Gopro Hero 3+ and similar cameras. The camera itself measures 81.5 x 46.5 x 24.2 mm, which is very small considering how much technology is actually inside the camera.

With the included waterproof case, it adds a couple of millimeters in each direction, but the camera is still extremely small and light even with the case. There are three buttons on the camera that allow you to change settings. On the underside of the device there are two hatches where Sony has hidden a microusb input for charging and transferring files, micro-hdmi and an input for a microphone.

Sony HDR-AS100V
The controls on the side are few, but you control the camera best with an app on your mobile.

Image quality

The camera has Sony’s own Exmor R CMOS sensor and in front of it a Tessar wide-angle lens. The combination delivers a really sharp and colorful image. Regardless of lighting conditions. In the dark, or in poor light, we get a relatively sharp image which is really not a disappointment. But it is during outdoor filming during the day that the camera really performs at its best.

Image-wise, the AS100 performs really well. But it’s nothing that makes us drop our chins as the predecessor AS30 also gave us really good video material. What really impresses us is the image processor, which not only manages to quickly adapt to light, but is also really good at stabilizing video. If you attach the camera to your head, wrist or to a car with the suction cup attachment, you will get a really stable video.

Although the AS100 cannot film in 4k, you can choose between a range of different resolutions and framerates. From 1920 x 1080 at 60 fps to 840 x 480 at 240 frames per second. It is therefore possible to create films with an extreme slow motion effect. Although 240 frames per second is a lot, the resolution is nothing to sneeze at. But luckily, you can film in 720p resolution at 120 frames per second, which gives you enough images to create really nice sequences with the camera.

Sony HDR-AS100V
With the included shell, the camera becomes waterproof with the rating IP58.


Connecting your mobile phone or tablet to the camera’s Wi-Fi is as easy as clapping your hands. In almost all cases. If you have an nfc-compatible tablet or phone, you can bring the devices together and you’ll be whisked off to the official camera app in the Google Play Store. Then just use your mobile device as a viewfinder for the camera.
You can switch between video mode, image mode and timelapse mode directly in the app, as well as video recording resolution. But not much more than that. The app is still the weakest card when it comes to the AS100, but it serves as a helping hand when it comes to the direction of the camera.


The Sony HDR-AS100V is one of the absolute best action cameras on the market today. The camera delivers really good and stable video material, regardless of whether you are filming crazy rides with a car or board. Despite the lack of 4k, it therefore gets top marks.

Sony HDR-AS100V
Manufacturer: Sony, www.sony.se
Screen: Yes
Connections: Micro-usb, micro-hdmi, mic
Wifi support: Yes
Video format: Mpeg4-AVC/H.264 XAVC S HD, 1080p, 60 fps, 720p, 120 fps.
Image format: Jpeg, 13.5 megapixels
Sensor: 1/2.3-inch (7.76 mm) back-illuminated Exmor R® CMOS sensor
Objective: Carl Zeiss Tessar lens
Aperture value: F2.8
Included accessories: Forehead mount, wrist mount, waterproof shell
IP rating: IP-X4 (splash-resistant, IP-58 with included shell)
Battery: Li-Ion, 3.6 V, 1240 mAh
Memory card: Micro SD, M2
Miscellaneous: Stereo microphone, tripod screw hole,
Size: 24.2 × 46.5 × 81.5 mm
Weight: 92 grams
Award: SEK 2,700

Plus: Great picture quality. Lightweight.
Minus: The app leaves something to be desired.

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