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Sonos Play 1: Delicious mini player

If you are familiar with the Sonos concept, you know how easy it is to set up. It is optimal to buy a Sonos bridge that you connect to your existing network, then the installation basically involves a couple of button presses to pair the devices with each other. Then you can also stream music wirelessly from computers, mobile phones and tablets directly via bluetooth. Right now, the Play:1 is sold in packages with a bridge included, which makes it a really awesome starter package.

Sonos Play 1
The speakers are sold individually. If you connect two together, you get stereo. It can also be combined with other Sonos products and get, for example, 5.1 surround.

Otherwise, it is Ethernet connection that applies if you only buy the speakers, which does not give you the same flexibility. Then you connect a Sonos speaker with a cable to the router, and then it works as a bridge for the next speaker.

Then you stream music from a computer, tablet or smartphone with a special app. Among other things, there is support for Spotify and the flexible possibility to play music in several different rooms.

Sonos app
Sonos app for tablet, here in Android version.

Sound quality
Inside the latest Sonos speaker Play:1 there are two digital amplifier units and two speaker elements. A 3.5 inch “midwoofer” and a small tweeter. We tested the system as a pair, but it is possible to run a single Play:1 as a mono speaker. The sound from these little boxes can’t be described as anything but amazing. The space, clarity and dynamics are very impressive and it’s hard to believe that we don’t have a subwoofer.

We also had the opportunity to listen briefly to how the speakers sound together with the Sonos subwoofer, and here we get another dimension in the sound. We can imagine this system sounding incredibly good in 5.1 configuration paired with a Sonos Playbar.

Of course, we have heard even better stereo speakers, but then we are talking about a completely different price level and also a slightly larger physical format. If we are to be really picky, and then compare with significantly more expensive speakers, it is mainly the upper mid-range and the treble that we could get even more clarity in when we listen to, for example, classical music.

Sonos’ new speakers are a hit. They are stylish and compact, and at the same time, they are very impressive in terms of sound. If you haven’t already taken the step into the Sonos world, now is the time. The only risk you take if you jump on a Play:1 package is that you’ll be hooked on the concept and quickly want to expand it into a larger multi-room system at home.

Sonos Play:1
Manufacturer: Sonos, www.sonos.com
Amplifier: 2 class d amplifiers.
Loudspeaker element: Midwoofer and tweeter.
Communication: Sonosnet (Aes encrypts peer-to-peer).
Connections: Ethernet 10/100
Compatible audio formats: Mp3, aac,aac+, wma, iTunes plus, ogg vorbis, audible .aa, Apple lossless, flac, wav and aiff (uncompressed)
System requirements operating system (stored files): Windows XP (SP3), OS X 10.6, nas drives with support for cifs.
Internet radio support: Streaming mp3 and wma
Size: 16 x 12 x 12 cm.
Weight: 1.85 kg.
Miscellaneous: Moisture resistant.
Award: SEK 1,790 (including bridge).

Plus: Fantastic sound. Resistant to moisture. Easy to use.
Minus: Requires bridge to work wirelessly
Grade: (9 out of 10)

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