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So Playbook should be sold like shampoo

Rim has launched an offer on the company’s tablet, the Blackberry Playbook, which sees customers get a third Playbook for free if they buy two devices.

The offer is valid until December 31, but in Sweden we cannot take part in the offer as it only applies to selected business customers in the USA and Canada.

– These types of offers are often a sign that the product is not selling particularly well. It could also mean that Rim is trying to get rid of its excess inventory and that a new model is on the way, says Jack Gold at the research firm J. Gold Associates.

He predicts that Rim will release a new model of the Blackberry Playbook next year in conjunction with an update of the tablet’s operating system to Playbook OS 2.

In the third quarter of the year that ended on August 27, Rim shipped 200,000 units of the Blackberry Playbook, a sharp decrease from the previous quarter when the company shipped 500,000 units.

Apple sold 11.2 million units of the iPad during the company’s third quarter, which ended on September 24.

When the Blackberry Playbook was released in April, the tablet received a lot of criticism, including its lack of an e-mail program. Users had to pair the Playbook with a Blackberry phone in order to read their email. However, the company has promised a change on that in the next version of the operating system to be released next year.

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