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So Microsoft will stir the pot

Microsoft’s CEO, Satya Nadella, sent an internal letter to his employees yesterday, urging employees to fasten their seat belts, because now it’s time to go.

In his long letter, he announced that he, together with Microsoft’s management, will take important steps to “significantly change the corporate culture”.

Microsoft has historically had a reputation as a troubled workplace, riddled with internal conflicts, disorganized units and strict office rules. The company’s former CEO, Steve Ballmer, tried before his departure last year to introduce a reform he called “One Microsoft”.

bill gates, satya nadella and steve ballmer
Bill Gates, Satya Nadella and Steve Ballmer on an earlier occasion.

It is unknown if Satya Nadella’s new plan is based on Steve Ballmer’s intended reform, or if he has his own plans in the bag. In his letter, however, he uses strong words describing how Microsoft needs to be shaken up to become more efficient and innovative.

In his own words, he wants to create a Microsoft where “smart, curious and ambitious people can do their best”.

– A change in Microsoft’s corporate culture is necessary for us to be able to achieve our goals and become the best in terms of mobile products and cloud services, writes Satya Nadella in his letter.

He describes a vision where Microsoft is a leader in productivity, services and mobile platforms.

– Microsoft will reinvent productivity for both individuals and businesses worldwide, writes Satya Nadella further.

In order to achieve your goal, Satya Nadella writes that Microsoft must change and create a completely new corporate culture.

– Everything is possible to reach our goal. Organizations will change, mergers will happen, roles of responsibility will be reversed and new partnerships will be created. Old traditions will be questioned. Priorities will be adjusted. New skills will be created and processes will be simplified, writes Satya Nadella.

He urges all divisions at Microsoft to review their conditions and try to transform them into the company’s new vision. However, he does not provide a timetable describing how long it will take.

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