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So IE10 got twice as many users

Microsoft managed to double the number of users of IE10 during April and the browser now accounts for almost eleven percent of all IE versions. This is stated by the measurement company Net Applications in a report.

IE10 was first released alongside Windows 8 last October and a version for Windows 7 was released in February. At the end of March, the browser had a share of 5.3 percent.

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The reason for the rapid increase is that, starting with IE9, Microsoft has introduced a new policy that updates the browser to the latest version automatically, as Google has done with Chrome before.

However, IE10 only works on Windows 7 and Windows 8, and IE9 can only run on Windows Vista or later. IE9 topped the shares in February with 38.8 percent, but has now started to decline, according to Net Applications.

IE8 remains the largest member of the family with a share of 41.4 percent. According to analysts, it will continue to be the largest browser for some time to come as it also works on Windows XP.

Rival browsers such as Chrome and Firefox maintained their shares unchanged over the past month.

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