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Simple tip for better spelling in Word

QUESTION. I am unhappy with Microsoft Word’s spelling. For decades, we not too rarely have American correct spelling of words made up of two or more other words. Word has been around for so long that the Swedish dictionary should be 100 percent correct – with the exception of newly formed words.

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RESPONSE. I am running the latest version of Word, and do not recognize these problems. With the exception of unusual words, I think the correct spelling works well. Something that can happen, however, is that Word realizes that Swedish text is written in English.

Word automatically detects the language of the text, and if you use some English words (for example, product names or a quote), the program can switch from Swedish to English. However, this is easily fixed:

Select the entire text (with Ctrl+A) and click on Review.

If you choose the wrong language, Word’s spell checker will go crazy. Make sure it gets right!

Choose Language, Language, Specify editing language, Swedish then a Swedish language check is carried out on your entire text.

Another tip is to use the program’s personal dictionary. Once a correct word has been marked as incorrect, all you have to do is right-click on it and select Add glossary. Now you have “white-marked” it, and never need to see another warning again.

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