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When we are at home, it is rarely a problem to connect. Over 90 percent of Swedes now have access to the internet at home.

On the move, however, it can be more difficult, and an increasingly common problem is that one of our gadgets is connected, but not the others. On the trip abroad, you might get a foreign prepaid card for the mobile phone, but that doesn’t help much when you want to surf via the computer – or when someone else in the family wants to connect. Or you check into a hotel that has free Wi-Fi, but it turns out that you only get a single code to connect a single gadget – and that it costs extra for each computer or mobile you want to connect from. Unfortunately, this is quite common.

Built into the phone

The solution to this problem is called internet sharing. There are smart functions for sharing your internet connection.

In the mobile phone, this is easy. If you have a reasonably modern mobile phone, the function is already built-in. When you turn it on, your mobile phone turns into a wireless router. In other words, anyone nearby (and who has your password) can surf, just like on a regular wireless network. In other words, your foreign cash card gives you access to all devices. The prerequisite is that you surf via mobile internet. If you have a tablet, it must therefore be able to read SIM cards.

In the computer world, it’s a little more difficult. The internet sharing function is indeed built into most computers running Windows 7 or Windows 8, but it is a little complicated to use. A good way to avoid the hassle is to install a free program like Mhotspot on your computer. This allows you to easily share your Wi-Fi connection.

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Step by step: Getting started with Mhotspot

share connection

1. Download home.

Surf to www.mhotspot.com/download.html and click on Download Now, Download Now. Be sure to click correctly, there is some misleading advertising on the site! Save the installer to the Desktop, double-click and accept in the Windows warning box.

share connection
share connection

2. Install. Now the installer starts and you choose Next to progress. Please note that you will be offered a couple of adware that are not related to Mhotspot. click Decline respective Custom installation to avoid them.

share connection

3. Name your hotspot… Make sure the computer is connected via wifi and open Mhotspot. The first thing you have to do is give your connection a name and a password. You do that at the top of the program. To view the password, click Show Password.

share connection

4. … and set. You also have to choose WiFi during Internet Source and decide how many devices are allowed to connect. This way you can limit data consumption. Make your choices and choose Start Hotspot. Now you will be connected and it says Hotspot: ON.

share connection

5. Connect. You connect in the same way as with other wireless networks: On a computer, select the network icon at the bottom right. In an Android, you choose Settings, WiFi. Click on the name you gave the connection, fill in the password and press Connect.

share connection

6. Change settings. During Settings you choose how the program should behave and by clicking the question mark button you get tips when things go wrong. Please note that PC for All unfortunately cannot provide you with any support if you encounter problems with the program.

This is how you share your mobile broadband

If you surf via mobile broadband (3g or 4g), it is easy to share the connection with others. How to use:

ANDROID: It looks a little different in different phones but it is Portable Wi-Fi hotspot you will find. In our Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini with Android 4.2 we choose Settings, Network connections, More nets. Then we point to Internet sharing and portable hotspot,Portable Wi-Fi hotspot and turn on the function with the slider at the top. Finally, we click on Configure to choose name, password and make other settings.

IOS (IPHONE): Press Settings, Mobile network. Choose Internet sharing and turn it on. Now you can choose a password and make other settings.

share connection
Easy. Sharing the mobile’s internet connection is done in no time.
Difficulty level: Average.
Program/service: Mhotspot
Time: 15 minutes.

This needs du:

  • A computer with Windows 7 or Windows 8.
  • Wifi connection.

This is what you will learn:

  • What internet sharing is.
  • How to get started with Mhotspot.
  • To share the internet via mobile phone or tablet.

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