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Serious security flaw in Huawei Matebook raises questions

A few months ago, security researchers from Microsoft discovered a serious vulnerability in the Huawei Matebook that could be exploited by hackers to take control of the computer.

Security expert Alan Woodward from Surrey University told the BBC that the vulnerability was probably added at the manufacturing stage, which raises suspicions that it is a so-called backdoor that can be used by Chinese authorities.

According to Woodward, however, there is no evidence that this is the case.

– It could be criminal gangs within the supply chain or it could be a geopolitical game with the aim of discrediting Huawei, says Alan Woodward to the BBC.

Since before, the security of Huawei’s products has been questioned, something that has created concerns regarding the company’s role in the expansion of the 5g network.

In this context, it should be pointed out that Huawei has already sent out an update that closes the vulnerability in the Matebook series.

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