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Rufus: Smart program to download Windows and put on a USB stick

Sometimes the iso file is needed with the Windows installation, perhaps for a reinstallation or repair of the system. Microsoft’s Microsoft download page offers you the Media Creation Tool, which can be used to upgrade Windows 10, download Windows 10 iso locally, or create a USB installation drive.

Although MCT is the only official way to download Windows 10 iso, there are other ways to download Windows 10 directly, something that can often be desired to avoid going through Microsoft’s somewhat cumbersome procedure. We have described such a method earlier in this article.

Now, however, we have found one that is even smarter. We have also recommended the small free program Rufus before. It is excellent for creating bootable CDs or USB sticks and in the latest version it is also possible to download Windows directly from within the program. Then you can create a USB stick with the iso file without leaving the program.

An additional benefit is that you can download older versions of Windows if you need to.


1. Download Rufus

Download Rufus by browsing to rufus.ie. Start the program and click the down arrow next to it CHOOSEbutton and select DOWNLOAD. Then click on DOWNLOAD.


2. Select version

Choose Windows 8.1 or 10 and click on continue. Select edition and click continue. Select language and click continue. Select architecture and click Download.


3. Add

Decide where you want to save the file. The download takes a while and then you have the file in your downloads folder. But it is also available ready to create a usb stick in Rufus.


4. Usb

Insert a USB stick, and this will appear below Unit in the upper part of the window. Enter a suitable name below Volume label and click on START. Click OK on the warning. After a while, you have a ready-made USB stick.

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