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Rival Knights: Tough jousting game – PCforAll

Updated: Also available for Windows Phone

Rival Knights has impressive graphics and sound, especially when you run it on a tablet. You start as a simple knight and try to fight your way through grand tournaments, to the sound of clattering trumpets.

It’s all about timing at the start so that the horse gets enough speed, and then perfect precision so that you can hit the opponent at exactly the right point to dislodge him.

At first the game is quite forgiving but it soon becomes really difficult to place the lance tip correctly. Expect to taste dust countless times – the feeling is brutally good. Fortunately, you can eventually upgrade your equipment (not required, but it costs money via in-app purchases if you want to speed up your career) as you fight to defeat your rivals.

Download for Android (Free)

Download for IOS (Free)

Download for Windows Phone (Free)

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