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Repair Windows from the USB stick – PCforAlla

The DVD reader has always been a safe point in life, a safe way to be able to reinstall or repair the operating system, for example. But it’s not guaranteed to be available anymore – many modern, small or ultra-thin computers or tablets don’t have one.

If you then want to be able to reinstall or repair Windows, other methods are required. The best option is to prepare an ordinary USB stick so that it becomes bootable in the same way as a disc.

This method is useful even for computers that actually still have a DVD drive. The USB stick is, after all, both faster and easier to carry with you. You only need an iso file of the installation disc you want to use. You can either buy and download it from Microsoft or use the program Magic Disc (see school here) to create an iso file from an existing disc.

rufus repair
1. Get software. There are several programs that can be used for this purpose. Here we use the handy free program Rufus. Download it from rufus.akeo.ie and get started. Installation is not required.

rufus repair
2. Insert the stick. Connect your USB memory, which of course must hold at least as much as the size of your iso file, and select the memory under Device in Rufus. Click on the small CD icon and browse to your iso file, which must be bootable right from the start.

rufus repair
3. Drive. Then click on Start. Copying files to memory takes a while. When it’s done, you’ll have a USB stick that you can use instead of a disc to install or repair Windows.

rufus repair
4. Select boot method. For the easiest way to start a PC from a USB stick, press the function key that leads to the bios boot selection menu when the computer starts, usually F8 or Q12. You can also enter the bios with Part or F2 and make a permanent change. Then don’t forget to change back.

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Difficulty level: Simple.
Program: Windows (all versions).
Time: 30 minutes.
This is what you will learn:

  • Create a USB stick that can be used to start the computer.

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