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Popular iPhone apps not exclusive to the Apple App Store

One of the big selling points for the iPhone is the number of apps that can be downloaded to the phone. However, a closer look shows that many of the most popular apps are also available for smartphone models.

PC for All’s sister magazine PC World has looked at the most popular apps in the US App Store for iPhone right now, to find out if they are also available on other platforms. Apple’s App Store has over 350,000 apps and Google’s Android Market has around 200,000 apps.

Among the most popular iPhone apps overall, it turned out that of the 35 most popular, 26 are for Android, 16 for Windows Phone 7 and 11 for Nokia. In some of the cases, however, there is not the original but a counterpart to the original app.

The most popular apps overall on the US App Store. Click on the image for a larger version.

In the category for the 20 most popular utility and utility apps for iPhone, 16 of them are on the Android Market, ten for Windows Phone 7 and seven for Nokia.

The most popular apps on the US App Store in the “Utility and Tools” category. Click on the image for a larger version.

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