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Philips Brilliance 241P: The screen that tells you when to take a coffee break

The Brilliance 241P is a neat office monitor from Philips of 24 inches with a silver gray screen and rather handsome shapes.

The screen panel is of the tn type and has full HD resolution, 1,920 x 1,080 pixels. It is well equipped with a built-in four-port USB hub, height-adjustable stand, 90-degree pivot function to set the screen on a high edge if necessary) and generally good image characteristics for everyday use.

The viewing angles are relatively good, especially in height, which is good for those who want to place it on top. It is best suited for the job in question, with clean colors but slightly pale contrast.

Philips Brilliance 241P
Peekaboo. No, it’s not a webcam at the top, but the Ergosensor camera, a cmos sensor without normal camera optics.

The menus are rich in content but often extremely patient to navigate. If you have a Windows computer, you can install a program that takes care of the screen settings and various other functions in a much smoother way.

Looked at work
The big news is something Philips calls Ergosensor. Above the screen sits a small camera with facial recognition that tracks you when you sit in front of the screen.

The feature is turned on or off with a separate menu separate from the rest of the screen settings. The screen then warns if you are sitting too close or too far away from it, or if you are sitting sideways. If you sit still for too long, the screen will suggest that you take a break to stretch your legs and perhaps refill the coffee supply.

It goes into sleep mode a few seconds after you look away from it, and immediately goes back up to full brightness when you look back. It also automatically turns off if you leave your desk and wakes up when you sit back down.

Helpful, or a recipe for more irritation and stress? We put a staff member in the newsroom in front of the screen for a day to see if he straightened his back or was just bothered by being watched by his monitor.

Needs trimming and options
Results: It works pretty well but not completely problem free. For example, it takes a few seconds to wake up from off mode which can be annoying. And if you have a screen saver or power saving function set on your computer, it may collide with it.

Another disadvantage is that if there are two of you sitting in front of a screen, or perhaps if a colleague comes by and looks over your shoulder. Then Ergosensor can get confused – it can only keep track of a pair of eyes at a time. But the warnings that pop up on the screen down in one corner are so discreet that it doesn’t matter much if something goes wrong every now and then.

Then the shutdown function is a bigger annoyance. A good idea, but not fully adapted to how people actually sit and move in front of the screen. If you just want to check something out quickly in passing, it’s done. You have to sit neatly and wait for a few seconds. This cannot be set in the screen either. The only setting for all Ergo functions is off or on.

Philips Brilliance 241P4LRYES
Manufacturer: Philips, www.philips.se
Image size: 24 inches.
Aspect ratio: 16:9.
Number of pixels: 1920 x 1080.
Panel type: Tn, led lighting, matt surface.
Update frequency: 60 Hz.
Response time: 5 ms.
Brightness: About 250 nits.
Contrast: 1,000:1 (dynamic 20,000,000:1).
Viewing angle: 170 degrees horizontally, 160 degrees vertically.
Connections: Dvi-d, display port, d-sub vga, usb 2 in, 4 pcs usb 2 out.
Certification: Epeat Gold, Tco Edge, Tco 5.2, Rohs.
Miscellaneous: Elevable 13 cm, 90 degree pivot, Vesa compatible.
Size: 56.2 x 40 x 22 cm.
Approximate price: SEK 3,200.

Plus: Highly adjustable screen. Good image quality for offices. Smart idea with Ergosense.
Minus: Ergosense far from flawless. Somewhat high price.
Grade: (7 out of 10)

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