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Patriot’s latest flash drive speeds up the computer

Flash drives are growing in both capacity and performance. In early models, disk performance has often lagged behind, but in newer ones, such as the Patriot’s Memory Inferno, write performance is not far behind read performance.

One of the reasons behind this can be found in a new control circuit, the SF-1222 from Sandforce. The new 2.5-inch Inferno flash drives, available with storage capacities of 100 and 200 gigabytes respectively, are the company’s fastest flash drives to date, performing at 285 megabytes per second in write speed and 275 megabytes per second in read speed.

In the USA, the Inferno disks cost approximately 370 and 680 dollars respectively, which in Swedish money corresponds to approximately 2,900 and 5,300 kroner respectively.

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