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One in ten households in the US was affected by malware

In a report published by Kindsight Security Labs, it appears that 6.5 percent of all home networks in the United States are infected with malware that can be used to control computers in so-called ddos ​​attacks or botnets. 13 percent of all households are said to be infected by some form of malware.

The data is based on information from US internet providers that have scanned customers’ internet connections to detect malware.

According to the report, 2.2 million home networks worldwide are infected with the Zeroaccess botnet. In the US, one in 125 computers is infected with the malicious botnet.

– Zeroaccess has grown significantly and is one of the most active botnets we measured this year, writes Kindsight Security Labs in its report.

According to the company, these botnets are mainly used to take control of users’ computers and then use them in various frauds. A common type of fraud is so-called click fraud, where users’ computers simulate clicks on advertisements, which in this way generate money for the fraudsters.

The report also states that the number of Android malware has increased by 165 percent in the past year. Despite the large increase, no major damage or attacks have been reported, according to Kindsight Security Labs.

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