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Now Firefox is also starting to brand unsafe sites

The new Firefox 51 hooks Google’s Chrome and launches its own warning symbol for sites that ask you for sensitive information – such as passwords – without using the encrypted https protocol.

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The information can be read in a blog post signed by Firefox developers Mozilla, which also shows how the new warning will look in the browser. In the past, it has been chosen to mark secure https sites with a green lock. Going forward, https-less sites that offer password login will also be marked with a crossed-out lock icon.

By pressing the i, the surfer learns why the page is marked as unsafe.

Mozilla claims that it has always prioritized user security, and refers, among other things, to its participation in the open web security initiative Let’s Encrypt. Otherwise, we can also note that Firefox now supports WebGL2 technology, which should help developers create better looking and faster 3d experiences on the web.

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