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“New Surface will be launched already next month”

The Taiwanese financial newspaper Digitimes reports that Microsoft may launch the next generation of the Surface tablet next month. According to Digitimes, it can happen at the developer conference Build, which takes place between June 26-28.

The new tablets are said to be between seven and nine inches in size. The Wall Street Journal reported similar information last month that claimed Microsoft plans to release a seven-inch version of the Surface later this year.

The analysis company NPD Displaysearch also tells Cnet that Microsoft is preparing to release a new model of Surface that has a 7.5-inch screen with a resolution of 1,400 x 1,050 pixels. The data from NPD Displaysearch is said to come from subcontractors to Microsoft.

However, NPD Displaysearch claims that the 7.5-inch model won’t be released until early next year as Microsoft tries to bring down manufacturing costs.

Microsoft has not commented on the data to Cnet.

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