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New record case for IE – PCforAlla

According to metrics firm Net Applications, Microsoft’s IE experienced its biggest decline in three years last month. During October, the browser lost 1.8 percentage points and now accounts for 52.6 percent of the market. It is the biggest fall since November 2008 when IE lost more than two percentage points.

In the last three months, IE has lost 3.3 percentage points, which corresponds to a decline in market share of six percent.

The winners during October are Google’s Chrome and Apple’s Safari, which increased by 1.4 percentage points and four tenths of a percentage point, respectively. Chrome now has a global market share of 17.6 percent and Safari accounts for 5.4 percent. A top rating for both browsers.

Despite the overall decline, IE9 on Windows 7 grew by 1.4 percentage points and now has a 22.5 percent share among Windows 7 users. IE8 still dominates on Windows 7 and Chrome 14 ends up in third place with 18.1 percent.

If the trend continues, IE will fall below 50 percent market share sometime in January next year according to Net Applications.

Firefox is still at risk and could lose its second place to Chrome next April. According to Net Applications, Chrome will reach the 20 percent mark in January or February.

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