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Neverquest: The new threat to your online banking

Researchers at the security company Kaspersky Lab state that they have discovered a new Trojan that has the potential to spread very quickly. The Trojan, which has been named Banker.Win32/64.Neverquest, or Neverquest for short, specializes in stealing login credentials to online banks. The Trojan only attacks Windows.

– In mid-November, we discovered that Neverquest tried to attack thousands of computers worldwide. This threat is relatively new and cybercriminals have yet to exploit the Trojan’s full potential. Given the potential, the spread may increase rapidly in the near future, writes Sergey Golovanov at Kaspersky Lab in a blog post.

Neverquest has many of the features found in other Trojans, modifying websites that open in IE or Firefox, creating fake forms, stealing login credentials, and taking control of the user’s computer.

However, it has some features that make it different from other Trojans.

In its default version, Neverquest can attack 28 websites belonging to major international banks as well as many popular payment services.

However, the Trojan has the ability to collect information from websites that contain various keywords, such as account balance and credit. This means that Neverquest can theoretically be configured so that the Trojan works with any bank in the world, including Swedish internet banks.

– We can expect a wave of attacks carried out by Neverquest at the end of the year, which can lead to many people falling victim to fraud, writes Sergey Golovanov.

To protect yourself against Neverquest and similar threats, you should always have an up-to-date security program installed on your computer, and update Windows as soon as security updates are available.

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