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In the fall of 2006, Per Kullander bought a camera from a reputable online store in Germany. After a couple of days, he was told that the camera was on its way with DHL. When the package still hadn’t arrived after just over a week, he contacted DHL in Sweden and wondered where his camera had gone.

He learned that the package had been delivered to his home address a couple of days earlier. There were papers that Per Kullander had received the package – despite the fact that he was demonstrably in Copenhagen and his wife had been at home the entire day in question. The signature turned out to be a forgery and the package had most likely been stolen from DHL’s warehouse.

Offered low compensation

DHL offered him a goodwill compensation that was a fraction of the camera’s value of SEK 3,500.

– They regretted what had happened, but said they could do no more than offer 95 kroner per kilo of lost goods. But I wasn’t interested in that, says Per Kullander.

He reported the matter to the General Complaints Board, which after a long period of consideration ruled that DHL was right. The reason was that Per Kullander did not personally have an agreement with DHL and that damages could only be claimed from the company that had the agreement with them, i.e. the photo company in Germany. However, the photo shop had no interest in the matter – they had sold a camera, received payment and handed it over to DHL for delivery.

– I can’t find any other explanation than that DHL’s staff have stolen the package. Never more internet shopping for me. Even if the seller is honest, you can be blown away by the shipping company, says Per Kullander.
The Swedish Consumer Agency’s advice to those who do not receive their goods is to send a written complaint to the seller and demand that they deliver the ordered goods again.

– If the seller is not able to do so, they can compensate the consumer with money, both for the product and the shipping, says Maria Wallin, legal adviser at Konsument Europa (part of the Swedish Consumer Agency).

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