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Netgear’s Orbi will eliminate dead Wi-Fi zones in the home

Netgear has just unveiled its new Wi-Fi system Orbi, which should offer stable coverage throughout the home and eliminate the so-called “dead zones” that are common in larger homes. Orbi consists of a central router that is wirelessly connected to the associated satellite, which is placed in a strategically chosen location in the middle of the home. The system will be the first in the world to use Tri-band Wi-Fi for this purpose. This standard is known for delivering maximum speed on the wireless path, regardless of how many devices you choose to connect.

The Wi-Fi system has been designed with simplicity in mind and installation is completed in a couple of minutes via the web browser or mobile app. By connecting the Orbi to your modem or wall socket and placing the satellite in the middle of the home, you should achieve complete Wi-Fi coverage of up to 370 square meters, according to Netgear.

Orbi will reportedly cost around $400, or just over SEK 3,300, and will be launched worldwide in September. The system will be sold as a kit containing a central router and a satellite unit.

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