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Net1 launches mobile broadband with unlimited data – but there’s a catch

Although the data ceiling is slowly starting to rise on mobile subscriptions and mobile broadband, it is still a problem that you cannot surf as much as you want. Net1 is now launching a solution that allows you to do just that, mobile broadband without a data cap.

The catch, however, is that you can only use the broadband in one location. Net1 prides itself on the fact that you are reserved space in a mast and that they only sell you the subscription if they believe there is enough unreserved space left. Whatever the case, it means your mobile broadband is tied to the place you choose to tie it to, which in most cases should be your home or office. It is indeed possible to connect to other masts, for example the summer house, but then priority is given to anyone who entered an address near that mast as their primary one, so the speed may suffer.

Net1 has the advantage that their network uses the 450 megahertz band instead of higher frequency bands that all other Swedish mobile operators use. Lower frequency bands provide better coverage, it has both a larger surface and is easier to penetrate obstacles such as walls. The company is also in the process of upgrading its network to 4g with lte technology that provides speeds of up to 35 Mbit/s, but the company writes that normal speed is between 5 and 25 Mbit/s. In November, all masters must be upgraded.

This broadband is probably not completely unlimited either, as Net1 in its fine print reserves the right to throttle the speed or close the connection for those who use “extremely” much data. Exactly how much is extreme is not specified.

The cost of the subscription is SEK 299 a month, if you do not choose to rent a router, then SEK 50 is added.

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