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Mozilla and Microsoft’s custom Firefox is here

Only weeks before Mozilla’s lucrative contract with Google is due to be renewed, the company yesterday launched a customized version of Firefox that uses Microsoft’s search engine, Bing.

Microsoft also advised its customers about the browser and announced that together with Mozilla it has created a version of Firefox that makes it easier to use Bing.

firefox bing

The special version called Firefox with Bing uses Bing as the default search service instead of Google. Searches on Bing can be made in both the search box and the address bar.

Microsoft last week registered the Internet address firefoxwithbing.com, but states that the company neither licenses nor distributes Firefox.

Firefox with Bing uses Firefox 7.01, the latest version of Mozilla’s browser.

Users of Firefox have long been able to change which search service is used in the browser, however Microsoft wants to make it easier for users to use Bing without having to make manual settings.

Mozilla has not commented on the release of the new browser other than that it is another step forward in the collaboration with the company that began just over a year ago.

Mozilla did not want to comment yesterday on whether the new collaboration will mean a change in the company’s sources of income. Currently, 98 percent of Mozilla’s revenue comes from contracts with the search service, a majority from Google.

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