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Microsoft: Windows 10 should be easy to reinstall

One of the most common tricks when the computer is in trouble is to reinstall the system from scratch, which usually means that the problems disappear.

Some users have been concerned about the possibility of reinstalling Windows 10 after the free offer expires next year. Now, however, Gabe Aul from Microsoft promises that there should be no problems reinstalling Windows 10 from scratch if desired.

Once Windows 10 is activated on a computer, the license will be considered valid even for future reinstallations. This is regardless of whether it happens through the built-in recovery function or via a system disc. In other words, you should not have to pay for a new license.

Windows 10

If you are thinking of making extensive upgrades to your computer, such as changing the motherboard, it may still be a wise idea to do these before Microsoft’s free upgrade offer to Windows 10 expires next summer. There is a risk that the computer is considered new after certain hardware has been replaced.

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