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Microsoft: Windows 10 Mobile is no longer a priority

Windows 10 Mobile

It looks more and more like the mobile market is a duopoly shared by Apple’s IOS and Google’s Android. Fewer and fewer manufacturers have produced models with Microsoft’s Windows 10 Mobile, Samsung’s Tizen hasn’t become much, and Blackberry gave up and switched to Android.

Martin Appel: Microsoft’s death sentence against Windows in mobile

Joe Belfiore, former head of development for Windows Mobile, wrote yesterday on Twitter that new features are “not a priority” anymore and that from now on only security updates and bug fixes will be released for the system.

The reason is as simple as it is intractable: Microsoft has not succeeded in persuading developers to produce Windows Mobile versions of its apps and games. Few users want to deal with a mobile that doesn’t have the apps they’re used to, and since so few use the system, developers see no point in starting to develop for it. A classic catch-22 that is becoming increasingly difficult to break.

In a clear sign of how little confidence Microsoft themselves have in the rapidly fading system, Belfiore admits that he himself has switched to Android for the greater freedom of choice in both hardware and apps.

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