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Microsoft wants to save its browser: Paying people to surf with Edge

A couple of years ago, Microsoft started a program where it rewarded people for using the company’s own search engine Bing. Now it’s happening again, at least in the US and India, where Microsoft has just announced that it is rolling out a new reward system for users who surf with Edge or use other Microsoft products. The new system replaces the previous Bing Rewards, reports PC World.

The concept remains the same. The more often you use or buy Microsoft products, the more Microsoft points are awarded. These can then be exchanged for gift cards to buy discounted Xbox games or other products from the Microsoft flora.

Microsoft’s Edge browser replaced Internet Explorer when Windows 10 saw the light of day, but has struggled against strong headwinds ever since its launch. Google Chrome has taken off significantly, and the fact that Microsoft is now including Edge in its reward program clearly shows that it was saddened by the low numbers in the browsing statistics. In the latest measurement, Microsoft Edge had a 5 percent market share, which can be compared to Chrome, which grabbed more than half of the shares.

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