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Microsoft updates Powertoys – here’s the news

Last fall, Microsoft launched Windows 10 Powertoys, a modern version of an old classic that was once popular on Windows 95.

Powertoys is a collection of system extensions of various kinds that make the system more flexible for advanced users. The new version is developed as open source and is available on Github.

Now Microsoft has released an update to version 0.16.0 (the fact that it is still version 0 shows that it is a beta version). It includes over 100 bug fixes and three new tools.

Image Resizer is a tool to easily resize many images at once, with support for regular expressions to search and replace in file names.

Window Walker is an alternative to alt-tab for switching programs. Instead of scrolling between icons for open programs/windows, it’s text-based and you activate it with ctrl-win.

Powerpreview are extensions to Explorer’s previews to correctly preview svg images and Markdown formatted text files.

Microsoft is also developing a new tool called Power Launchera text-based replacement for the Start menu reminiscent of programs like Launchy and Executor (and Mac programs like Launchbar and Alfred).

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