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Microsoft Translator – chat in different languages

French hoteliers. Bosnian travel agencies. Spanish brokers. Brazilian dating. There are many people we want to be able to talk to, in their own language.

Yes, everyone who has contacts abroad quickly discovers that English is not at all as viable in other countries as it is in Sweden. A welcome aid can be the translation service Microsoft Translator.

All the better quality

In recent years, computer-assisted translation has become increasingly better. There are rarely any problems translating simple sentences, and you who, for example, need a manual or menu translated can count on really good quality. When it comes to creative texts such as fiction and poetry, however, the result is far from enjoyable.

As a regular consumer, you can use services such as Google Translate and Microsoft Translator.

The latter has an interesting feature called conversation. In the computer browser or in the mobile app, you can create a multilingual conversation window. In other words, you can speak Swedish with a friend who speaks Spanish – or any other of the approximately one hundred languages ​​that the service supports. Everything you write is therefore displayed in Spanish on his screen and his posts are translated into Swedish for you. It is also possible to use your voice and read in what you want to say. Yes, the service is even open to more than two users, so you can create a group conversation in different languages.

One tip is to keep the sentences short and simple. If you have the opportunity, it is also better to speak English. The translation quality is usually better from English than from a small language like Swedish.

Do it like this – step by step


1. Log in

Surf to translator.microsoft.com. Under the tab Conversation do you choose Start conversation and sign in with your Microsoft or Google account. If you are missing one or want to create a new one, press Microsoft and chooses Create a.


2. Select language

Enter your name and the language you speak, for example Swedish. Press Start conversation a get started guide will open. Choose Press mic button if you want to use the computer’s microphone. If you don’t want to do that, you choose, of course Don’t test mic.


3. Invite…

If you use the microphone, you can now set it and you will then be in the conversation mode. Here you can invite others with the code or the direct link at the bottom right. There is also a qr code that can be scanned if the recipient uses a mobile phone (see the article below).


4. … and accept

The person you are talking to does not have to log in. He can click on the direct link – or surf to translator.microsoft.comselect Join Conversation and fill in the code from step 3. She can then enter her name and language and finally click on Join conversation.


5. Invite more people

Via the face icon at the top right, you can invite more participants. By clicking on the three dots next to your own profile name, you can also change the language and username. The person who created the conversation can also mute or remove participants.


6. Start chatting

Write a message in the text box and the recipient will see it in their language. She answers in the same language, but you see the text in Swedish. It is also possible to press the microphone icon and speak. End with the green arrow to the right and choose whether the conversation should be saved.


This is how you chat on the mobile

If you and the person you’re talking to install the Microsoft Translator app from Google Play Store (Android) or App Store (Iphone/Ipad) you can communicate in your own languages. Open the app, tap the conversation icon and accept any permissions

Choose Startstate Your name and Your language – and press State. Now a conversation code is created that you give to the person you want to talk to. She fills it in and chooses Connect (or tap the camera icon and scan the qr code). Now he can enter the name and desired language – and press State.

Chat by selecting the keyboard (text) or microphone (speech) icon. The person you invited does the same – in their language.

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