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Microsoft Surface creeps up to the surface

The analysis company IDC released this week a report on the sale of tablets during the first quarter of the year. Overall, sales increased by 142 percent compared to the previous year and a total of 49.2 million tablets were shipped.

According to IDC, Microsoft is also beginning to see a lightening as the company’s Surface and Surface Pro together now occupy fifth place among the best-selling tablets. Together, the two tablets make up 1.8 percent of the market.

According to IDC, the best-selling tablets in the third quarter are as follows:

  1. Apple (iPad)
  2. Samsung (Galaxy Tab series)
  3. Asus / Google (Nexus 7)
  4. Amazon (Kindle Fire and Kindle Fire HD)
  5. Microsoft (Surface and Surface Pro)

Despite the positive numbers, one of IDC’s analysts is skeptical of Microsoft’s Surface Pro.

– Surface Pro is an interesting product today, but it still has a long way to go. The battery life is too short and it is also too heavy, says Tom Mainelli at IDC to Cnet.

The battery life of the Surface Pro is about four hours, and according to him, a tablet needs to offer around eight to ten hours to be able to compete with other brands.

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