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Microsoft struggles with Windows 10 bug that freezes the entire computer

Has your computer started to hang after you installed Microsoft’s latest update, Anniversary? Then you are not alone. On its support pages, Microsoft has had to receive a number of complaints regarding this very thing in the last week, and is now working hard to find a solution.

A Microsoft employee confirms the existence of the problem and at the same time gives a possible explanation for its origin. It is supposed to be a bug that affects those who have installed Windows 10 on an SSD disk, but store applications and data on another device.

No official solution to the problem is yet available, and Microsoft advises affected people to go back to a previous version of Windows 10. However, this is only possible to do for ten days after the update to Windows Anniversary. Here you can read all about the problem, and Microsoft has promised to get back to you as soon as they get more information or even fix the problem.

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