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Microsoft shows off the app store for Windows 8

In an invitation sent out to media in the US, Microsoft invites you to a preview of the Windows Store on Tuesday next week. However, Microsoft has not provided any other details about the press conference, writes Zdnet.

Last September, when Microsoft released the first test version of Windows 8, the company revealed some details about the Windows Store. However, the marketplace is not available in the current trial version of Windows 8.

windows 8 store

At one o’clock in the morning on Wednesday, Microsoft presents the Windows Store.

According to Microsoft, apps for the Metro interface will only be available on the Windows Store. The apps will be tied to an account, and not a computer. This means that users can purchase an app and easily install it on any computer as long as it does not exceed five simultaneous installations.

Even some apps for the classic interface in Windows 8 will be sold through the Windows Store, provided they meet the requirements set by Microsoft.

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