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“Microsoft Confirms Windows RT’s Death”

During the technology conference, the UBS Global Technology Conference, last week, Microsoft’s head of devices, Julie Larson-Green, made a statement that for many was more or less expected.

– Today we have Windows Phone, Windows RT and regular Windows. We will not offer three operating systems, says Julie Larson-Green.

According to Preston Gralla at Computerworld, this most likely means that Microsoft plans to shut down Windows RT at some point in the future. Windows RT has not achieved much success and has been criticized by analysts as confusing for customers.

Windows RT is a stripped-down version of Windows that cannot run traditional Windows programs, but only apps developed for the new interface (Metro) in Windows 8.

The sale of tablets with Windows RT has largely gone unnoticed, and virtually all computer manufacturers have now left the platform entirely and instead invest in solutions with the full version of Windows 8.

How long it will be before Microsoft officially shuts down Windows RT is uncertain, but according to Preston Galla, customers have already voted on the matter by not buying RT tablets.

– Once Microsoft decides to kill Windows RT, the operating system has already died a long time ago, writes Preston Gralla.

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