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Microsoft adjusts its services after massive rush to the cloud

For many, both leisure and work have moved online due to the corona crisis, and this has created a great deal of pressure on many cloud services. Microsoft has seen the use of its cloud services increase by as much as 775 percent in the parts of the world where the population is forced to stay at home.

To “ensure the best experience for our community,” Microsoft is adjusting some of its cloud services. That’s what Microsoft writes in a blog post. For example, the company has temporarily removed the ability to upload new images for Xbox users.

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Meanwhile, Microsoft is asking game developers to wait for activities that require more bandwidth, such as updates, to the hours of the day when usage is lower.

Even Teams gets some minor changes: the video resolution is slightly lowered, and the service will not check as often if the user is still active, or if the interlocutor is writing.

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