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Microsoft 365: This is the news in the Office suite

Microsoft is now launching its new Microsoft 365 subscription service for both personal and family accounts. The service will be released on April 21 and is a new variant of Office 365 with several new functions.

Among the news is a new Microsoft Editor, which is an AI that will help you write better by giving suggestions on grammar, sentence construction and punctuation. Microsoft Editor is available in Microsoft Word, Outlook, Edge and Google Chrome. Anyone with a Microsoft account can use the service, but subscribers get access to more advanced features, Windows Central reports.

Microsoft 365 also has a new Powerpoint Presenter Coach which is an AI that notices when you speak too fast or use too many filler sounds such as “umm”. For subscribers, there is also a preview function that can analyze your speech and give suggestions on how to put together better sentences.

In Excel, subscribers also have the new “Money” function, which should make it easier for you to manage your finances. Subscribers will be able to import their bank and credit card information into Excel and get suggestions on how to better manage their money and categorize different types of spending.

Finally, there is a new version of Microsoft Teams that is designed for family use, complete with its own dashboard that will be released later this year. Microsoft’s family safety tools, which can be used to monitor children’s screen time, for example, will also be available on iOS and Android for Microsoft 365 subscribers later this year.

Microsoft 365 is released in two variants: Personal, which applies to all of a person’s devices and costs either SEK 649 per year or SEK 64.99 per month.

Office apps included are Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook, Published (PC only) and Access (PC only) as well as 1TB of storage space via OneDrive and 60 minutes of calling for mobiles and landlines via Skype each month.

The Home subscription then contains the same thing fixed for up to six people and for SEK 899 per year or SEK 89.99 per month.

Users who currently have a subscription to Office 365 will be automatically moved over to Microsoft 365 on April 21.

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