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Megaupload’s founder opens new file sharing site

Late last month, Megaupload’s founder, Kim Dotcom, confirmed that he will be launching a new file sharing site called Mega for short. Unlike Megaupload, Mega will be more secure and make it next to impossible for anyone to access what is stored on the service.

kim dotcom mega

With the help of a new type of encryption where the key itself is provided by the user himself, no one can access the user’s files on the service, neither hackers nor authorities. The user can then choose whether they want to share their key with friends so that they can download files from the service.

kim dotcom mona
Kim Dotcom with his wife Mona.

Yesterday, Kim Dotcom opened the doors to websites for Mega located at me.ga. For now, the service is in a closed test version, but interested users can register their interest and be informed when the service opens to the public.

Mega is expected to open up sometime before the end of the year.

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