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Man sentenced to fine for linking to live match

Hudiksvall’s district court yesterday convicted a 32-year-old man of copyright infringement after he linked to two live broadcasts of hockey matches on Canal Plus, writes DN.se.

The two matches that were broadcast live on the Canal Plus website cost SEK 89 each to watch. However, the 32-year-old discovered that it was possible to watch the matches for free by copying the links to the matches and watching them on two free web TV programs.

The man posted the information on his website and explained how visitors could watch the matches for free. Canal Plus took the case seriously and reported the man to the police for copyright infringement.

The court did not take into account the fact that Canal Plus had not password protected the matches, but focused on the man’s actions. According to Henrik Rasmusson, who is the special prosecutor for copyright, he considers the crime to be serious.
– This is a spread that is completely unlimited. Theoretically, this means that any number of people could have seen the match with the help of his links, says Henrik Rasmusson to DN.se.

According to the lawyer Mats Fogeman, the copyright law must be reconsidered as it is not adapted to today’s technology and, moreover, television viewing has become increasingly common via the web.
– I don’t think it’s about making it available. He has never had control over the material, says Mats Fogeman to DN.se.

The man was sentenced yesterday to 70 daily fines of SEK 50. In addition, he will be obliged to pay an additional SEK 11,780 in damages to Canal Plus.

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