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Livestage is Facebook’s new social network for young people – to compete with Snapchat

The battle for the favor of young people continues and Facebook is not slow to follow up on its previous attempts to compete with the much hipper Snapchat. The new application Lifestage is a type of video diary where you answer autobiographical questions, but instead of entering these with plain text, you upload short video sequences. Then the update will appear on your friends’ feeds, just like in other similar apps.

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The only catch is that you must not be older than 21 to use the application. According to information from the creator, and also Facebook’s project manager, Michael Sayman, the idea behind the program is to go back to Facebook’s roots. At the time, the service was offered exclusively to college students with email addresses containing the .edu domain.

Life stage

Unlike Facebook’s early years, Lifestage has no specific way of identifying the user’s age. However, your network will be locked to contacts within your chosen school. In order to even be able to communicate with others within the same seat, more than 20 registered users are required. There will also be tools to block and report unauthorized users, such as parents or other unwanted visitors.

Lifestage is completely separate from Facebook and thus does not require such an account. It was recently launched on the US version of the Appstore. When, or if, the application has a planned launch in our latitudes is still unclear.

One thing is certain, however – it’s too early to say whether the app can dethrone Snapchat or whether it will suffer the same fate as Facebook’s former challengers Slingshot, Riff and Poke.

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