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LG releases OLED TV with curved display

LG announced today that the company has started accepting pre-orders for the new OLED TV LG 55EA9800 in South Korea. However, eager customers must shell out 13,500 dollars, equivalent to 88,200 kroner, for the beauty.

lg 55EA9800

The new model consists of a 55-inch display that is curved. According to LG, the company has spent five years developing the new display. Thanks to the fact that the screen is curved, the eyes perceive the image in a better way compared to conventional televisions, according to LG.

In South Korea, the LG 55EA9800 will start shipping already next month. The company states that the TV will also be released in other markets, but does not want to reveal any timetable other than that more information will come within the next few months.

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