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Last chance to save your photos on Google Plus

On April 2, Google Plus goes to the grave. This was Google’s attempt to challenge Facebook with its own social network. Google Plus, or Google+ as the company writes itself, was launched in 2011 and has since led a waning existence in the shadow of Facebook. Even the attempt to recast it as a more distinct group service has not succeeded, and last year Google declared that the service is going to the grave.

This will happen on April 2nd, so now is the last chance to save your photos and other information stored. How to use:

1. Surf to takeout.google.com and log in with the account you want to save.

Google Plus

2. Now a long list appears where you can choose which information you want to save. It can be, for example, your contact lists (Circles) or the images and other files you have uploaded (The flows). However, the easiest way is to mark all and then choose Next step.

3. You also get to choose File format, i.e. how your material should be saved. By default, you receive a download link via email, but you can also choose to save the file in, for example, Google Drive or Onedrive. However, you do not need to change anything here, but can directly choose Create archives.

Google Plus

4. Now your archive starts to be created. This can take quite a while if you have a lot of files. If you have chosen to receive a download link via e-mail, all you have to do is wait. When you receive your email, click on Download archive and log in. You can now download your information as a compressed file. To open it, right-click on the file and select Extract all.

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