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Is this the new name of Xbox?

On May 21, Microsoft will launch the next model of Xbox, but the name of the new game console is still unclear. The internal code name for the next Xbox is Durango, but hardly a name that will be used for the finished product.

In recent days, there have been rumors on both Twitter and Reddit that the sequel will be called Xbox Infinity. A reader on Reddit has even uploaded an alleged image of the new logo.

xbox infinity
Image: Reddit

At the same time, Forbes magazine claims that a Twitter user based in Seattle has uploaded an image showing a completely different logo. According to the image from a Twitter user named @JWWiesta (the account is now deleted), the next model will be simply called Xbox. Like how Apple chose to name the third generation Ipad just “Ipad” instead of Ipad 3.

xbox login
Image: Forbes

Regardless of what the name will be, Forbes states that it will hardly be the Xbox 720 as the upcoming gaming console has been popularly called so far. In about three weeks we will get the answer to that question as Microsoft previously promised a launch on May 21.

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