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Iriver ITQ701: Interesting tablet debutant – PCforAll

We are already familiar with Iriver as a manufacturer of various types of media players and e-book readers such as Story HD, but now they want to enter the tablet business with the seven-inch tablet ITQ701. It is also sold under the name Wow Tab 7. If you find it with that name in stores, it is the same tablet. However, it is not stated anywhere on either the plate or the packaging.

Does Wow Tab give any wow feelings then? Yep, this is a really impressive little plate. It has the same hardware under the hood as one of the hottest tablets of this size to date, the Google Nexus 7. An Nvidia Tegra 3 with four processor cores at 1.2 gigahertz, a single-core extra processor for low-power mode and Tegra 3’s excellent graphics performance..

Iriver ITQ701

While waiting for the new generation of mobile hardware that has been presented at various fairs and is now starting to appear in the most expensive mobile phones, this is among the best you can get your hands on, and nothing we put the tablet through feels tough. This is the standard to which the heaviest mobile apps today are written.

The plate is generally well built. A little bulky, a little bigger and wider than the Google Nexus and, by the smallest possible margin, also heavier. The back is in handsome dark metal with ribbed plastic on the sides for a good grip. The volume control and the on/off button are on one long side, well into the arched back. That means we have a bit of trouble reaching and using them easily, but as that’s the biggest issue we can think of with the design, the ITQ701 passes.

Iriver ITQ701

The monitor is high-resolution, 1280 x 800 pixels give a good seven-inch dot density and it has good color reproduction. The maximum brightness is just a little low, and even though the screen doesn’t shine very brightly, we don’t get as impressive a battery life out of it as some other tablets.

The operating system is Android 4.1 and as far as we can see, Iriver has no apps, add-ons or customizations of its own. Honestly, it’s not something we miss. This is fast, stylish and functional enough as it is. If you want more, there are loads of good free apps in Google Play.

Iriver shows here that they can make a top quality tablet, matching the best competitors on almost every point. However, there is nothing that stands out and makes us prefer this one to any of the others that are equally good.

Google Nexus 7 with Android 4.2, slightly better ergonomics and brighter screen does not beat it.

Iriver ITQ701
Manufacturer: Iriver, www.iriverinc.com
Processor: Cortex-A9, 1.2 GHz quad core.
System circuit: Nvidia Tegra 3.
Memory: 1 GB.
Storage 16 GB, space for micro sd.
Screen: 7 inch ips, 1280 x 800 pixels.
Brightness: 190 cd/m2.
Camera: 2 megapixel front.
Connections: Micro usb, earphone.
Wireless: 802.11a/b/g/n, bluetooth 4, gps.
Operating system: Android 4.1b
Battery life: About 5 hours 30 minutes (streamed video playback)
Size: 12.3 x 20 x 1.1 cm.
Weight: 336 g.
Award: SEK 2,000

Plus: High performance. Excellent build quality. Good webcam.
Minus: Relatively dim screen. Short battery life.
Grade: (8 out of 10)

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