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Sometimes we don’t want to wait until an even hour to be able to listen to the latest news broadcast. After all, things happen around the clock, and then it’s strange that radio news is only broadcast once an hour.

Sveriges Radio has taken on board the criticism from listeners and launched the new web radio channel Alltid Nyheter. Here you can go in at any time and listen to a news broadcast, which is constantly running.

Of course, it has also previously been possible to listen to the latest radio news on the web, but Always News is something else. The channel has its own presenters and its own reporters – and they collaborate with Sveriges Radio’s other employees.

At night, however, Always News changes the language. Then it will be the BBC World Service that is broadcast.

Sveriges Radio is not alone in offering news around the clock. Both Sveriges Television and TV4 today have news channels that are constantly live on the web.

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